About Us

My Name is Grant Bingham. I am the Owner of Bingham’s Bowling Supply. I would like to take the time to tell You a little background on why I opened this Company in 2004. I started Bowling Ten Pins in 1991. I averaged 133 the 1st Year but honestly I was HOOKED! The thrill of the Pins flying was to good to now go get a Custom Fit Ball Drilled and get to the Lanes. I practiced and practiced, and practiced. I joined 1 League, then 2 Leagues, then 3 Leagues. By 1994 I was Bowling 5 nights a week. Slowly but surely My Average began to climb. I was obsessed with the Game. I had so much fun. Who wouldn’t? I got to go Bowling every night. In 2004, I decided another dream that I wanted to open my Own Business and what better Business to own but a Bowling Supply Business. I opened it for 1 reason though. And that was to give back to a Game that was giving me so much happiness. I retired from Bowling in 2011. My highest Average in the 20 years was 211. Not to shabby when starting out with a 133 back in 1991. But looking back I had 20 WONDERFUL FUN FILLED Years. Now I concentrate 100% on this Business. I am a very hands on Owner that likes to over look everything. I stay late nights after closing at 8 p.m. The Staff goes home but I don’t. I am always following the Professional Bowlers and Amateur Bowlers and watching the trends. This Year (2019), I decided to go a different direction. I decided I wanted to sell just Bowling Accessories and Bowling Gifts at a Lower Price than even before. If You look around the Internet, You will see that almost all the Bowling Web Sites are selling Balls, Bags, and Shoes at the EXACT same price. So it is time to change. So Here We are. My Staff will always be courteous and helpful because that is what I Demand of them. We offer Low Prices and FREE SHIPPING on ALL ORDERS. We don’t have minimums in Order amounts to qualify for Free Shipping. So take a look around. If You have Questions, give us a Call (302) – 990 -5154 or if You Prefer Use the Contact Form on the Home Page. THANK YOU in advance and We very much look forward to having You as Our Customer.